Wedding Cake Toppers Letters Decoration for Your Wedding Cake

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Many people want their wedding day will become a wonderful and an unforgettable moment in their life. They usually use the initial of first their name for their wedding invitation, the background decoration or even the wedding cake toppers decoration. Some of people use the wedding cake toppers letters decoration in their wedding cake with the initial of their names, for example if the name of couple are Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, so that they will use the initial of their name is H and G or P and W. That is all up to their decision.


Well, there are many wedding cake toppers letters designs for your references. Usually in many cake stores, they will provide the toppers letters for your wedding cake. You might come in the nearest cake store from your home and you might talk to the employee or to the chef of wedding cakes maker about this problem. You might see and choose the best letters style for your toppers letters. The cake stores will provide many letters style for their customers to choose one of them as the best one. You have to decide the size, the width and the length, of your toppers letters. You have to decide together with your couple about it, so that you can get the best choices toppers letters for your wedding cake.


Some of the cake stores usually provide the kind of toppers letters, such as crystal toppers letters, using the crystal on the toppers letters, monogram toppers letters, Swarovski toppers letters and so on and so far. These are many options for you so that you should choose the best one as your wedding cake toppers letters. You will get the luxurious and elegant nuance while you use the crystal toppers letters for your wedding cake.

Fancy Wedding Cakes Idea

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Wedding day is the most important day in your whole life. So that is why, you should held and provide the best everything for your one of big occasion, such as wedding dress, decoration, wedding theme and also the most important is a wedding cakes. As we know that wedding cake is one of important things in wedding ceremony. There are so many wedding cakes that you can choose for your wedding. However, in choosing the best wedding cake is not easy as you see because you must think about the wedding theme. In this article, we will talk about the fancy wedding cakes idea for your references. This cake can be your best option for your wedding ceremony.


There are so many design of wedding cake from all of cake stores that will give you the fancy wedding cakes. You can see the fancy wedding cake pictures on the internet or you might directly come to the cake stores near your house to see their wedding cakes catalogue. You might add your personality and your couple personality touches to choose the best one for your fancy wedding cakes. You might choose one of them as your wedding cake. You might add the decoration of your wedding cake with the flower.


To make the cake more interesting, you can add some decorations. If you will add the decoration flower for your wedding cakes, you may choose the purple flower idea for it. One of the most unique, extraordinary and creative colors of flower for fancy wedding cakes is purple. The purple flower will incorporate with any simple, casual, modern, stylish and elegant wedding. The most used and popular flowers for wedding cakes are the purple rose, the freesias, the tulips, the lupine, the gladiolas, the stocks, the lilac, the iris or even the asters.

Fishing Wedding Cake Topper Theme

fishing themed wedding cake toppers


Do you want to hold a wedding party? Have you decided about your decoration, wedding dress and also wedding cake? In this article, we will talk about the fishing wedding cake topper as your wedding cake. If your hobby is fishing in your free time and you have a sense of humor, you can choose this idea for your wedding cake. Your wedding cake will be nicer with the fishing theme on your topper of fishing wedding cake.


If you choose the wedding cake topper white fishing theme, it is very modern one especially if you use the form of bride with the fishing rod in hand which trying to fish in the groom. Or you can create your own topper with fishing theme by your own design. It will make your wedding cake be more beautiful with it. You might make your design or you can choose the available design in the cake stores. It is all up to your decision. You can make a deal with your couple before you have decided your wedding cake topped with fishing theme. You should choose the best one for your wedding cake because your guests will eat your wedding cake in the last period, so you should make your guests feel the impressing about your fishing wedding cake topper.


You should make your wedding cake look elegant, artistic, playful and fun by using the fishing theme. And also, you have decided before about the size, the shapes and the favorite flavor for your wedding cake. And always do not forget to make an agreement with your pocket before you choose the fishing wedding cake topper. If you want to apply this idea, you might order it in the cake stores around you or you can order it from online shop and also you have to ensure the distance between your house and the online stores are not too far away.

Initial Wedding Cake Toppers for the Gorgeous Decoration

monogram wedding cake toppers with pearls

To prepare a wedding is not only about the dress or room decoration, but also a cake design that will make your wedding day become unforgettable memory. If you still do not have any idea to decorate your wedding cake, you might choose initial wedding cake toppers for the decoration. It is a simple decoration, but it also can be gorgeous to enhance the cake design. The design for the cake topper with the initial letter is available in various options based on the sizes, styles, and decorations. These are some design ideas for this topper type, so you can find the best one for your wedding cake.

The letters for the toppers can be the initial name of you and your mate. You can choose the small or large size based on the cake. Moreover, there are some variants for the letter fonts. The italic and handwriting types are really good to make your cake look beautiful. Then, the initial wedding cake toppers can be designed by combining the letters with the ‘and’ symbol or the love shape between the letters. This will make the toppers more attractive. Besides, the letters in the love frame is a romantic design.

Furthermore, the initial toppers for wedding cake can be made of crystal or monogram decorated with sparkle diamond. The bling look of the topper really can make the cake more beautiful. The letter can be decorated with some diamonds or fully decorated to cover the whole surface of the letter. Both of them are beautiful that will make the wedding cake look shiny. Then, initial wedding cake toppers will look lovelier to combine with flower topping as the finishing look. Moreover, to accentuate the beauty of initial topper, you can choose simple design for the cake in white base color and you will get a gorgeous design for your wedding cake.

Give Your Wedding Cake more fun with Cute Wedding Cake Toppers

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Wedding cake is one of important thing you should prepare for your wedding. Sometimes, to find a nice design for wedding cake is a little bit confusing. However, it can be more exciting if you look at some cute wedding cake toppers. To create a romantic feeling in your wedding cake is not always to give something glamour or luxurious decoration. Cake toppers in cute design even will give the wedding cake more fun. A couple of bride and groom in cute design can enhance the cake decoration. If you still have no idea to choose a nice decoration for your wedding cake, these are some cute ideas for the topper.

If a common wedding cake is usually decorated with bride and groom topper in beautiful and handsome look, also in normal pose, you can try the other ideas in cute look. The couple can be designed in cartoon look with the simple design, so it will make your wedding cake look cute. Moreover, a different pose like they are riding scooter, or play a role based on your favorite hobbies might be great cute wedding cake toppers. The fun drama look for the topper is a cute decoration idea. Besides, it is also a unique design that will make the cake different from the others.

Moreover, beside the human couple, you can make your wedding cake look cuter with animal design for the toppers. The bride and groom can be a cute decoration when it is designed in animal style, like penguin, owl, pig, or maybe your favorite animals. This is really fit for a themed wedding. If you love pig, and you want to decorate your wedding party with pig things, a wedding cake with pig couple topper is a right choice. Besides, you also can choose the other super cute wedding cake toppers.

Save your Budget with Wedding Sheet Cake Design

wedding sheet cake ideas

Talking about the wedding, a cake design is also a thing that should be prepared. However, to provide a wedding cake in traditional design with some tiers needs more budget. If you just have limited budget, why not to try wedding sheet cake? Even though its look is not as gorgeous as tiered wedding cake, it can be nice when it is well decorated. So, you still can make your wedding day impressive with this wedding cake. There are a lot of decoration ideas for wedding cake in sheet type. So, if you are confused to find the design, look at these some designs for sheet cake.

Actually, decoration for sheet cake is not too different from the tiered cake for the wedding. If the traditional tiered wedding cake commonly use 3d topper, the sheet cake is usually decorated by drawing a pattern or picture with sugar cream. You can draw a bride and groom on the cake with some decoration like the tree and leaves in the fall look. This will make your wedding sheet cake look romantic. The white is commonly chosen for the cake base. Then, the sugar cream is used to make a border for the cake and make it look beautiful.

Moreover, for the artistic look, you can decorate the cake with curls patterns as decoration. It will create a lace decoration on the cake. To make it more attractive, you also can draw the letters of your initial names as the decoration. Then, for the finishing look, flower sugar clay is commonly chosen as the wedding sheet cake toppers. Besides, this wedding cake type is not only fit for you who have only limited budget, but also fit to a small or private wedding party that invites only some people. So, the cake will be enough for the guests.

Bling Wedding Cakes for Elegant and Glamour Wedding Theme

beautiful wedding cakes with bling

There are many things you should prepare to make your wedding day become perfect. One of important things for the wedding is the cake. If you choose an elegant and glamour theme for the decoration, you also can complete it with bling wedding cakes. The shiny look of bling decoration creates a luxury on your wedding cake. This unusual decoration will make your wedding cake look different from the other. There many ideas for the wedding cake deration in bling look. The bling decorations can be used for the topper or cake layers decoration.

To decorate your wedding cake in bling look, you can choose white as the color base. Then, the crystal topper combined with diamond in silver color will create a luxurious bling decoration. The bling topper actually has made the cake look extraordinary, so, it will be better if you choose a simple design like a couple of dove as loyalty symbol, love shape, or the letters of the initial name of you and your mate. The topper with flower arrangement design for bling wedding cakes creeping from the top to the low surrounding the cake will make your cake look really beautiful and gorgeous.

Then, beside the toppers, the cake will look more impressive with bling decoration for the cake’s layers. Rhinestones banding is a decoration piece that really can create a bling look. It can be used as ribbon that can give a special sparkle look on your wedding cake. This is really fit to give a blink look by using this decoration piece surrounding the cake in every layer. As the finishing look, a simple flower for the topper can enhance the cake design. So, to complete your glamorous wedding day, you can choose a design of bling wedding cakes. Then, you will get an unforgettable wedding day.

Make an Unforgettable Moment through a Design of Outrageous Wedding Cakes

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To have a perfect wedding day is everyone’s dream. Moreover, you can make your wedding become unforgettable through the wedding cake decoration. There are a lot of ideas for wedding cake design. However, you can make it different by choosing a decoration of outrageous wedding cakes. The unique concept of the cake will make your guest impressed and give them a great memory of your wedding day. The cake will be the focal point for the cutting cake ceremony, so that you can choose an unusual decorating idea for your wedding cake. These are some wedding cake design ideas that might help you an inspiration to make your own wedding cake.

Can you imagine having a cake in horror concept for your wedding day? This will attract your guests’ attention and of course make them impressed. However, you can make it in fun look, because you do not want to create a scary atmosphere in your wedding day, right? The bride and groom toppers that are made in a dramatic pose in struggling from the zombie attacks is a great idea for the outrageous wedding cakes. The cake can be decorated with blood decoration touch to accentuate the horror look on your wedding cake.

Moreover, the other idea for wedding cake in outrageous look is to choose an unusual shape. If the wedding cake is normally made in some layers which is getting smaller to the top, you can make it reversed. The smallest layer can be made for the base while the cake’s layers are getting bigger to the top. It really can be an attractive design for your wedding cake. Then, another idea for outrageous wedding cakes is to make a wedding cake in the design of bride’s replica. The extraordinary look of the huge cake in the bride look will make your wedding day become unforgettable.

Safeway Wedding Cake Design Idea for Your Wedding Day

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Are you getting married? So, you must prepare many things; include the cake design for your wedding day. It is important, because the cake will be center piece in the wedding for the cutting cake ceremony. Then, Safeway wedding cake might be a good choice for your wedding. There are so many options of the design that you can try to make your wedding unforgettable. The designs are available based on the shapes, colors, and decorations. You can choose one that is fit to your wedding concept and of course your personal taste. Here are some wedding cake design ideas from Safeway that you might pick.

Wedding cake is commonly made in some levels. Then, you can choose the shape of the cake like around or square. Both of them can look beautiful with stunning decorations. Besides, you also can choose how many levels you want for the cake. Moreover, Safeway wedding cake not only comes with tart style, but also the unique ones like some cupcakes that are arranged in the levels for the different wedding cake look. This idea is popular nowadays, because of its practicality. Then, the design for the cake can also be chosen based on the color.

If you want to have a traditional look for your wedding cake, you can choose the white one. There are a lot of options for the cake decoration in white color base. Then if you choose color theme for your wedding reception, you also can choose the cake with the same colors. Colored wedding cake becomes popular to decorate color themed wedding day. Then, some decoration idea is various too. The flowers and ribbons are commonly chosen to decorate Safeway wedding cake. The cake will look more attractive with the great design of cake topper can enhance your wedding cake’s decoration.

Beautiful Costco Wedding Cake

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Do you have a plan to celebrate your wedding party with your sweetheart soon, but having difficulty on your budgeting? You do not have to worry about that, because Costco Wedding Cake will be the best alternative choice for you to save your wedding party. So, now you can hold your party well without worrying about the cake and feeling shy just because you do not have cake to show on your wedding. Well, with this Costco product, you can get a nice, delicious and beautiful cake only with a minimum budget.

This Costco cake is the kind of cake that will merry your party without spending a lot of money, so that you can save the rest of your money to purchase another embellishments and equipment which are needed to complete your wedding party. Costco Wedding Cake can be accustomed by the buyer or consumers, so that you can manage how many layers that you can put on your cake. A lot of layers on your cake do not ensure that your cake is the best, because the most important point is the cake design that will be shown to your family, friends, or colleges that you have invited to your party.

Costco Cake will help you to design your cake with a beautiful and elegant design no matter how many layers that is made for your cake. The design could be also determined by you and your bride or groom. You can also decide what taste you can do to your cake, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, blueberry, grapes, or the combination between fruits taste. So, are you interesting to purchase this Costco Wedding Cake? If yes, you will never regret, because you can get a very nice cake that is matched with your budget and particular taste.