hipster galaxy bedding

The Hipster Bedding Sets

Do you have the hipster bedding? Not really if you don’t have hipster bedding sets. Most of people have hipster bedding. Hipster bedding as the thing which is must be there almost home. Not only for the décor, but also hipster bedding sets as the necessity of the home. Because it is in every night almost people use it.

The Function of Hipster Bedding Sets

Hipster bedding set has some function they are like get the comfortable by use hipster bedding, safety to use, as the décor of the bed room, and stylist. It was suitable to use in cold season to protect from cold situation. It is impossible if by using hipster bedding people would get cold. Always update the newest style of hipster bedding in internet. If you want buy and apply this hipster bedding, you choose the newest style. Almost people need it, they use hipster bedding every day, so believe if a family, not only have one hipster bedding set, but also more than one bedding set.

The Kinds of Hipster Bedding

There are so many kinds of hipster bedding. Hipster bedding has many variant of the pictures of hipster bedding. The form of hipster consists of pillow and blanket. In the surface of hipster bedding there so many motif, and picture. You can create the hipster bedding by request that do you want. Not only a home have the theme, but also hipster bedding need also have the theme. Color and picture of bedding is picture of the personality of the owner. For example there was a girl love everything about cat, surely she will apply the surface of hipster bedding by cat. The example of the motif and picture is queen duvet. But still have kinds of the theme picture of queen duvet like rounded queen duvet, hipster kitty or hello kitty picture, triangle of queen duvet, Chicago queen duvet and many more.

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bright beach themed bedding

Pleasing Idea Of Beach Theme Bedding Make You Being Cozy

Talking about bed, it makes me remember about bedding. Bedding is the additional interior for bed to make it look perfect and cozy. There are so many bedding theme, but today we will talk about beach theme bedding. Are you interesting with them?  I will share some designs of them through this post bellow such as colorful shell bedding set complete with colorful pillows on the bed and green and blue shell bedding set complete with pillows on the bed also cream bedding set on the bed connected by blue striped fabric bench and twin table lamps on white wooden bedside tables plus white and blue fish bedding set on the bed connected by white table lamp on bedside table and blue wall.

More design also can be found here such as grey shell bedding set complete with pillows on the bed connected by grey wall theme and white and blue fish bedding set on the bed connected by blue wall and small window with white blue fish window curtain also dark blue and white bedding set on the bed connected by white table lamp on bedside table plus white shell bedding set on the bed connected by stainless steel lamp on white wooden bedside table and blue and white shell bedding set complete with blue shell pillows on the bed.

Wanna see another designs?  Let me show more designs in this post bellow like assorted color striped bedding set complete with assorted color pillows connected by white wall and blue and white beach bedding set on the bed connected by dark brown wooden floor also shabby white and blue bedding set complete with white and blue pillows plus blue bedding set on white bed connected by double white floating shelves on blue wall theme. They are amazing designs which you need, aren’t they?  Let’s take some inspiring designs above from this gallery.

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cardboard fireplace cover

Wonderful DIY Cardboard Christmas Fireplace

Christmas without a fireplace just doesn’t feel complete . You can make your own out of some cardboard . When I was a child, I heard the story in which Santa Claus comes down the chimney and enters through the fireplace on Christmas Eve. If your home does not have a fireplace, children may be concerned that Santa might not have a way to get in. Make a fake fireplace out of cardboard that is almost as good as the real thing. And this is not difficult. All you need do is seal shut some carboard boxes with packing tape and paint them, here we found the instructions  for your reference .

For the past 9 years, I haven’t been able to hang my stockings with care, they’ve been on the wall or on a couch or chair! (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme). I was on the phone with my sister the other day, and she was telling me about a faux fireplace she had just made for a church Christmas party- what a fun idea! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to make my own, I knew my kids would have so much fun with it! I went onto Family Fun to get the instructions, this seriously couldn’t get any easier. I roped my husband into helping me, it only took us a couple of hours, including the time it took for the paint to dry!
•4-18x18x16 cardboard boxes (home depot .96¢ each)
•2-28x20x5 cardboard boxes (I just snagged similar size boxes from the stoker man at WalMart)
•1-2 rolls of brown craft paper (walmart for $3 and change)
•packaging tape
•acrylic paint (brick red or mix of red, brown and cream)
•red, yellow and black card stock (dollar store, .50¢ each)

Get ‘er Done:

Step 1: Tape all 4 18×18 boxes up, leaving one flap open, like this:

Step 2: Flip the boxes on their sides and stack them to make the base of the fireplace and tape the sides and back seams together like this:

Step 3: roll out 130″ of the craft paper and start sponge painting your bricks, we found if your sponge isn’t too saturated, it gave it a more realistic look! The craft paper wasn’t quite tall enough to cover my boxes, so I cut 4 or 5 strips that were 7″ tall and taped them to the larger 130″ strip before painting (tape goes on the back side, not sure how well the paint would stick to it). Hope that makes sense!

Step 4: Once the paint has dried, lay your paper over the boxes and secure them with packaging tape, your base is now done.

Step 5: (I totally spaced taking pictures of this part, but it’s similar to the first part.) Assemble your two 28x20x5 boxes and tape them together so the dimensions are 56x20x5. Cover the top and sides with craft paper. I chose not to paint my mantle, but you can paint it with mixed black and white paint, using a rag to get a marble look, see Family Fun for the technique. Then just set your mantle on top of your bricks, put the black card stock down for the “fireplace floor” and cut out red and yellow flames if you want a fire!

My sweet, sweet husband helped me with the flames, he cut them out and then made a crown shape with them so we could put flameless candles in the middle! I love the way they look!

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